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    More About Weight Loss Plus

    Our Louisville Weight Loss Clinic and How We Can Help You

    “Complaining about it won’t help you lose the weight”

    You need to take action and Weight Loss Plus can help you do that.

    Weight Loss Plus, a clinic specializing in weight loss, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation, founded in the early 1990s, prides itself in helping patients lose weight while remaining motivated, safe and effectively.

    What Makes Weight Loss+ Different?

    Founder, Tufan Senler, a native Kentuckian has used his experience in bariatric medicine to help people in Louisville for more than 10 years. He and his medically trained team has helped thousands of people lose weight safely and effectively. But it is this that can increase your self-image, motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle and help prevent diseases and health issues caused by excessive weight.

    It is the team’s understanding of how difficult weight loss can be that makes our system different.  We don’t use miracle foods, shapes or diet pills. There are no gimmicks with Weight Loss Plus, but there is professional and effective help that makes the process much easier.  The process is based on effective and safe bariatric medicine (not surgery.)

    Weight Loss Plus Offers:

    ·         Medical Supervision: At Weight Loss Plus in Louisville, Kentucky, patients work with medical professionals, not psychologists who are only there to sell you a product.

    ·         An educational program that helps you learn to eat the right foods. This helps you keep the weight you lose off permanently.

    ·         NO special products to buy. Weight Loss Plus works with effective and low fat weight loss plans, the help of a good diet medication and education in how to lose weight.

    ·         Medically supervised weight loss without the need for surgery.

    What Weight Loss Plus Does Best

    The key to effective weight loss is motivation. To be effective you need to remain motivated throughout the program. This doesn’t mean you need that “hurray” feeling. It just means that you have a team of medical professionals  to back you, guide you and help you through those tough weight loss moments.

    Motivation in this case, is like always having gas in the car; enough juice to get you were you’re going. And in the case of weight loss, enough of a diet, medication and exercise program to make the weight loss constant, even during those plateaus.

    Yes, when you are looking for effective, long-term, and sure why not, fast weight loss, the team at Weight Loss Plus can give you the diet and the medication you need to make the process less stressful, more pleasant and very motivational.

    Weight Loss Plus in Louisville, Kentucky offers weight loss guidance, counseling, supervision, medication and other self-image services such as laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment.

    Recent Reviews From Customers

    • Angela Smith

      I started with Weight Loss Plus in September. I have lost over 25 lbs. The staff is kind and supportive. Ive never felt rushed or not listened to by the staff and they are always very helpful. I followed the plan through the holidays and I still lost weight!

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Patient Testimonial

With a knowledgeable caring staff, advanced practitioners and a realistic weight loss plan for a busy lifestyle I strongly recommend Weight Loss +. I also strongly recommend the optional free vitamin shots with weekly weigh-ins. I feel amazing after I get my vitamin B combo! I have lost pounds and inches and have seen my body transform with my lifestyle. I am never hungry and have learned a much healthier way to fuel my body. I eat real food and no longer crave the sugary crap that got me in trouble in the first place! I have had many friends also be very successful with this program.

by Terri Haynes

Common Questions

The truth is, people react differently to weight loss medications. That’s why we only prescribe weight loss aids under the strict supervision of our medical professionals. In our weight loss clinic in Louisville Kentucky there is no best or worst diet drug. There is a right medication for one individual which may not be the right option for another. But only after having reviewed your medical history, decided on the amount of weight you need to lose; only after choosing the right diet and exercise plan can our doctors determine which weight loss medication will work best for you.

As we like to say; “There is an art to the science.” It takes medical experience and knowledge to find the right diet medication. At Weight Loss Plus we will prescribe an appetite suppressant that will offer energy and give you the motivation you need to continue on the diet and exercise plan. This will put your efforts on fast forward (well as fast forward as we can go while maintaining you healthy and with that “feel good” attitude.)

So to answer this question as clearly as possible: Yes, any diet prescription we recommend will always be completely safe for you to take.

Every body is different, and many patients can easily gain weight back if they aren’t careful. You can maintain your weight if you incorporate diet and exercise into your lifestyle, and you can also use appetite suppressants periodically to help maintain the weight loss. This requires you take the weight loss medication intermittently; every other day or every third day. Once you reach your final weight loss goal, the medical professionals at Weight Loss Plus will work with you to help you keep that weight off forever, providing you follow the regime.

Statistics show that some people who take appetite suppressants like phentermine without being under qualified medical supervision, and when not shown new eating habits can regain the weight they lost. However Weight Loss Plus doesn’t focus on the weight loss medication alone. These are only used as a tool to get your started, to help you feel better, more motivated and to help start the weight loss process. The real value we offer lies in teaching you a new lifestyle, a new way of eating and exercising. By maintaining healthy eating and a good exercise program you will keep the weight off.