Expanding Our Horizons: PhentermineClinics Welcomes RealMoreClinic to its Family

Published on August 29, 2023

We are delighted to announce the latest addition to the PhentermineClinics network, RealMoreClinic—a subsidiary of the esteemed RealCosmetic, a brand at the forefront of Korea’s Cosmetic Surgery industry. This exciting acquisition brings a new dimension to our ever-expanding portfolio of weight loss and healthcare solutions, especially in the domain of body sculpting, fat loss, and cosmetic treatments.

Bridging East and West: The Korean Cosmetic Industry Meets Weight Loss Solutions

Korea’s body cosmetics industry is a global trendsetter, pioneering various body sculpting, shaping, and fat loss procedures. Similarly, PhentermineClinics has been at the cutting edge of weight loss solutions, from medications like phentermine to surgical interventions such as gastric bypass and lap band procedures. The synergy between RealMoreClinic’s expertise and our existing offerings is poised to revolutionize how our clients approach weight loss and body image.

Hotspots: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles

Cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles have emerged as hotspots for Korean beauty, body image, and weight loss clinic industries in the U.S. These cities have a growing demand for advanced cosmetic and weight loss procedures, fueled by a diverse population interested in cutting-edge treatments.

  • For those based in Atlanta, explore our range of services here.
  • If you’re in the Chicago area, you can find out more about what we offer here.
  • For our community in Los Angeles, click here to discover our extensive offerings.

A Holistic Approach to Weight Management

As part of our ongoing commitment to holistic healthcare, this acquisition will allow us to cover more service areas in our database, such as:

  • Body Sculpting and Shaping: From non-invasive procedures to surgical interventions, we’ll offer a complete range of services to help you achieve your desired body shape.
  • Specialized Fat Loss Treatments: Benefit from the advanced technologies and methods originating from Korea’s renowned cosmetic industry.
  • Conventional Weight Loss Solutions: For those who require medical or surgical weight loss solutions, our combined expertise provides an extensive range of options, from medications to surgical procedures.

We are incredibly excited about this new chapter and look forward to offering our community the latest in cosmetic treatments and weight loss solutions.

Warm regards,
The PhentermineClinics Team.

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