The JLo Diet: Is It Worth A Try?

Jennifer Lopez is one of the highest-paid Latin Women in the world, she can sing, she can dance and she can act. She was first getting critical acclaim in her portrayal of the famous Latin star, Selena. Jennifer Lopez or JLo, or as she is more commonly known among her fans, has become a superstar […]

Megan Fox and The 5 Factor Diet

Megan Fox started out as a teen model but achieved worldwide success and fame after her appearance in the Michael Bay Transformers movies. After breaking out in Hollywood, she has graced Maxim and FHMs Sexiest Women in the World List. She has been widely considered as one of the first true sex symbols of the […]

Is Caviar Good for Weight Loss and Improving Your Health?

A luxurious and exquisite form of seafood, caviar is made from the roe, also known as the eggs of many species of sturgeon fish. Caviar is renowned as a delicacy. The osetra, beluga, kaluga, sevruga, sterlet, and hackleback varieties are the ones that are encountered the most frequently. (1) The caviar comes in a wide […]

6 Stir Fry Recipes Good for Weight Loss

No matter how trendy or how well influencers sell them, short-term or fad diets are never really the best way to achieve a balanced lifestyle in the long haul. These types of trendy diets often fail due to a lack of scientific research or just the fact that their diet is often unsustainable or difficult […]

What is an Elimination Diet? Why Do It and How?

There are many people who have problems with food allergies and sensitivities. According to the World Health Organization, food intolerance could affect anywhere from 2 to 20 percent of the world’s population. (1) An elimination diet, which has been used for many centuries, is considered to be the most reliable method for determining food intolerances, […]

Low Cholesterol Diet for Beginners: What to Eat, Avoid and More

An individual’s diet is a significant factor in determining how healthy their cholesterol levels are. Consuming foods that help keep cholesterol levels within a healthy range can assist in the prevention of a variety of health problems, including a coronary attack or a stroke. (1) Cholesterol is a waxy molecule carried through the bloodstream as […]

The Vegetarian Diet: Lose Weight and Save Money

Vegetarian diets have quite a following. They are more than just the latest fashion trend, but a lifestyle of choice. Roughly 22% of the global population is shifting to this diet. The desire to lose weight and raise awareness of environmental issues has made vegetarianism a practical choice for many. (1) But, when it comes […]

Weight Loss 101: Eating Healthy with Ethnic Foods

Most people love to experiment with food and try out different cuisines. In fact, enriching your diet with different foods and ingredients can be a positive experience and may actually help support your weight loss. Read on to find out how to eat delicious ethnic foods and still lose weight. What does “ethnic food” mean? […]

Green Mediterranean Diet: What Changed? Is this Better than the Original?

According to the study’s authors, individuals who had a diet higher in plant-based proteins and lower in red and poultry meat had improved metabolic and cardiovascular health. Some evidence suggests that the “green” Mediterranean diet may be even better for your health than the traditional Mediterranean diet (1).  More than two-thirds of the 294 people […]

Surprising Findings About Age and Metabolism

You’ve probably heard that as you get older, you can’t continue eating like you did when you were younger. Because your metabolism often slows down as you get older, you’re more likely to gain weight (1). Loss of muscle mass, decreased physical activity, and the natural progression of aging metabolic processes are some of the […]