Wonder Fruit: Weight-Loss Benefits of Adding Apples to Your Diet

Fruits are like tiny powerhouses, jam-packed with the vitamins and goodies our bodies crave, keeping us in tip-top shape without adding any extra weight. Think of them as nature’s own sweet treats – they’re low on calories but full of fiber, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to shed some pounds. Plus, they […]

8 Tips Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight

In the U.S., nearly 23% of men and 19% of women are smokers. Smoking tragically ends over 400,000 lives a year, a grim tally that topped 400,000 by the year 2000 (1). Thinking of quitting but scared of gaining weight? Gaining weight after quitting smoking is a serious concern for some people. While most people […]

8 Harmful Effects of Excessive Calorie Restriction

People aiming to lose weight usually decide to eat fewer calories. This method is actually prescribed by nearly every commercial diet program available today, sighting reducing calories, counting points, or watching portion size as the best way to lose weight. However, restricting your calories, especially too severely, can lead to a variety of metabolic and […]