What is the Pegan Diet?

by Rakib Sarwar, RPh
Published on January 28, 2020

What is a pegan diet? It is all about good food, healthy fat intake, and balanced dieting. People who follow a pegan diet focus on natural foods that allow their system to progress. The outcome of the pegan diet provides a more sustainable method of dieting in comparison with others. The core of a pegan diet relates to the consumption of sustainable meat (free-range), organic foods, small portions of protein, significant vegetable or fruit intake, and exclusion of dairy products.

Many studies have shown the benefits, positives, and negatives related to the diet. It seems to align with the vegan approach but with added small beef-eating. Nutrient intake forms part of any diet type and more likely with the pegan eating plan approach. To follow a pegan diet, a person needs to present commitment and focus on taking additional supplements. 

The article below discusses the fundamentals of the pegan diet and recommended health plans a person can follow. The main aim of the article intends to explain what the pegan diet is, but also to provide guidance. Many times, society becomes flooded with different diet styles without knowing what to follow. The article includes some meal examples that people can adhere to aligned with the pegan diet.

Pegan Diet Objectives 

It becomes important to understand the history behind the pegan diet. The eating approach allows a person to fully grasp the core meaning of a natural diet. Many times, people attempt to follow extreme eating plans that normally work over a limited time. The pegan diet objectives focus on sustainability and the long-term eating plan method. 

The set-up of goals and objectives allows a person to align with the pegan diet steps. Many times, we expect quick weight-loss and become disappointed if we experience limited results. It becomes important to focus on an eating balance and follow a strict food plan aligned with the relevant objectives.

For example, prevent overeating on one food type. Balanced meals with diverse options in different food groups. Attempt to think like the ancestral generations. Their lifestyles presented a different approach, and we need to keep it in mind. 

Align the pegan diet objectives with your lifestyle and develop a daily food schedule. It permits a person to measure their success when following the pegan diet. Measurement of outcomes results in individuals becoming more positive. Especially when one realizes the positive experience after weight-loss for example.

Pegan Diet Names 

The pegan diet received many names and associated characteristics because of the diet nature and background. Some names the diet received relate to Caveman, Hunter-gatherer or Paleo diet. Pegan diet attempts to align with ancient methods of eating, typical of the pre-historical lifestyles.

Pegan Diet Outlook

Pegan diet presents an eating plan focused on combined paleo and vegan intake. In addition, it includes eating vegetables, fruits, and good fats. Small quantities of meat, gluten-free grains, and limited legumes form part of the eating plan. If an individual becomes a strict pegan diet follower, no dairy or grain products become part of the food list (1). The use of grain presents a debatable option but experts recommend small quantities of grain consumption.

Strict followers of a pegan diet attempt to abstain from eating sugar, and processed foods. Many people ask about the difference between a vegan and a pegan diet. Understanding the diet make-up, it seems a person can eat small quantities of meat, eggs, and fish (2). Added to it follows the eating of vegetables and fruits.

Benefits, Positives, and Negatives 

Basically, a pegan diet allows a person to eat low sugar foods, lots of vegetables, leafy green salads and good fat, for example, nuts and seeds. The pegan diet allows for a non-gluten eating approach and presents a dietary solution to vegetable lovers. Many reasons for this approach exist but if a person experiences an increase in gluten-intolerance it may present the best dietary option. 

Some negative comments raised by experts included the non-use of dairy products. The pegan diet requires a significant increase of added nutrient supplements to make up for calcium and vitamin D’s (3). 

The combination of meat, fruits, and vegetables seems good, but the exclusion of grains can create a problem for some. Health practitioners highlighted the concern of not eating grains that normally assist with the prevention of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes (4).

Typical Pegan Diet, Outcomes of Applicable Research

According to research completed by the American Journal of Medicine, if people follow a vegetable, fruit, nuts, fish, and seeds intake diet the opportunity of losing weight becomes more clear (7). Dietary experts recommended intake of fats to less than 30% per day to prevent an increase in heart-related problems. 

Researchers showed that the use of increased vegetables and fruits can decrease the likelihood of metabolism issues. The use of a large vegetable type diet allows for a significant decrease in possible chronic diseases and cardiovascular type health challenges. The pegan diet focuses on the use of vegetables mostly, which can increase a person’s wellbeing (8). 

Pegan Diet Historical Background 

A pegan diet originates from the manner in which hunter-gatherers used to eat. Much research undertaken by specialists in the field showed that meat, vegetables, and fruits played a significant role. The upkeep of ancient societies’ well being relied on their ability to identify and eat the correct natural foods. According to research, ancient generations less likely experienced health issues related to heart diseases, diabetes and cholesterol problems. Dietary challenges linked to obesity and overweight bodies became a significant problem during modern and post-modern times (6).

The continue research completed by combined disciplines in the health, dietary, historical, biological and archaeological fields contributed towards a better understanding of pegan diets. 

Research pertaining to the field allows scientists to reach conclusions regarding human dietary requirements. It also attempts to guide people globally on preferred food options. 

Processed Foods 

Recent exposure to processed foods impacted on the health of global communities. An increase in salt, sugar, and preservatives during food preparation became an intrinsic problem. The pegan diet attempts to keep people away from eating processed foods. 

Pegan Diet Meat Intake 

The consumption of meat only includes a small portion of beef, and individuals need to focus on free-range products. The combination of vegetables, fruits, and limited meat intake allowed for increased health experienced by people. In addition, the balanced pegan diet allowed for a decrease in obesity or people becoming overweight. 

Pegan Diet and Dairy Intake 

The diet specifically advises followers to prevent using dairy products, for example, milk. The recommendation received some criticism from health experts, but the diet focuses on natural living and ancestral eating methods. Using dairy products opposes the natural living approach followed by prehistoric generations. Modern society attempts to make use of domestic animal products that impact people’s wellbeing and health status. 

Pegan Diet and Nutrients 

According to the pegan diet followers, vegetable and plant intake should include 75% of the diet plan. Omega-3-fat forms part of the nuts, coconut, and avocado volumes. Seeds and nuts present mineral friendly food choices that assist with lowering heart diseases. People should focus on the intake of sustainable meat and omega-3 rich fish. 

The pegan diet comprises a significant portion of vegetables and fruits that carry a significant number of minerals and vitamins. Additional nutrients compensate for minerals and vitamins that modern society receives from domestic food products. It becomes important to discuss supplementary vitamins and minerals with a dietician or health practitioner. It helps to receive support from experts during the diet process. Guidance keeps a person positive, especially during a weight-loss program. 

Eating Plan Examples 

Many eating plans can easily adapt to the pegan diet methods. The dietary program below allows for a simple approach to focus on pegan diet food types. The proposed eating plan focuses on the provision of a general idea of a pegan diet. Key factors include lots of vegetables, fruits, and minimum meat intake. Depending on tastes and preferences, a change in the eating plan can easily happen (5). 


Breakfast: Eggs, vegetables of choice fried in avocado oil 

Lunch: Chicken salad with olive oil, added nuts 

Dinner: Beef of choice and vegetables 


Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, and fruit of choice 

Lunch: Meat and vegetables of choice 

Dinner: Fish and vegetables of choice 


Breakfast: Eggs and fruit of choice 

Lunch: Fresh vegetables fried in olive oil 

Dinner: Meat and vegetables of choice 


Breakfast: Eggs and fruit of choice 

Lunch: Stir-fry and olive oil

Dinner: Meat and vegetables of choice 


Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, and fruit of choice 

Lunch: Stir Fry with avocado oil 

Dinner: Meat and vegetables of choice 


Breakfast: Eggs and fruit of choice 

Lunch: Meat and vegetables of choice 

Dinner: Fish and vegetable fried in avocado oil 


Breakfast: Vegetables and meat of choice 

Lunch: Green salad, vegetables and meat of choice 

Dinner: Chicken and vegetables fried in olive oil 

Additional Pegan Diet Food Examples 

In our busy lives, people struggle to make time for proper food preparation and sometimes revert quick alternatives. A popular smoothie a working individual can easily make includes a mixture of nuts, berries, coconut, and almond milk. 

A combination of avocados, salmon, and seeds allows for a good lunch meal. 

During dinner, a combination of mushrooms, chicken, and green leafy salads provides a healthy and filling meal (6).

Pegan Diet Food Mixes 

The following list of mixed food groups creates a healthy and nutritious diet for pegan diet followers. These proposed food recommendations allow for a colorful and rich dietary method. It becomes important to keep a diet interesting and allows your body to adapt slowly. Many recipe ideas available on the Internet permit a person to grasp the basic meaning of pegan diet food types (9). 

  • Beef curry combined with winter vegetables 
  • Stir-fry with chicken and pineapple 
  • Bacon and spinach salad 
  • Eggs, bacon, and tomato mix 

Using good fat types becomes key during the following a pegan diet. Avocado presents a good fat option, easy to combine with diverse food types and an excellent lunchtime meal. Some examples of good fat mixes with vegetables include the following: 

  • Cucumber, watermelon and avocado salad mix 
  • Avocado salad with sweet potatoes 
  • Butternut and cauliflower salad mix 
  • Stuffed avocado with vegetables of choice 

Things to Remember 

An individual can easily become confused with following the pegan diet in comparison with a vegan eating plan approach. Many uncertainties experienced in terms of dietary requirements confuse people. Core to remember in the pegan diet lies in the combination of foods required. Vegetable eating stays a key component, with added fruits and small portions of meat. The pegan diet normally excludes the consumption of grains. An individual’s health status normally determines the diet they can follow. A person can allow for small portions of grain if required.

Ensure intake of all food types recommended by the pegan diet and do not forget to drink lots of water. As with most diets initially, a person’s body needs to adapt. It allows you to get used to different food groups or the quantity of food. In time the body becomes stronger and used to the food schedule. Remember eating some good fats, for example, avocado and nuts.

A person’s body change for the good, and an individual’s metabolism increases. As a result, one feels a lot more energetic and motivated throughout the day.


In summary, the pegan diet allows for people to follow a back to basic type eating plan. The focus of the food range includes most foods associated with healthy lifestyles. Few exclusions related to dairy or grain intake may frustrate some people. As with many diet types, a person needs to investigate the impacts the diet may have on their health status. For example, if a person struggles with diabetes, the use of the diet requires discussion with a doctor or dietician. The Pegan diet centers its approach to follow historically oriented food consumptions. Added exercise can cause faster weight-loss experiences.

Followers of the pegan diet need to understand the fundamentals thereof. Plan and align your dietary requirements with the eating plan. The pegan diet presents balanced and healthy eating. It becomes a lesson gathered from ancient societies who lived a much healthier life than we experience today.


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