20 Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss

Published on July 12, 2024
20 Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss

After staying true to a regimen packed with jogging, pumping iron, and passing up those alluring happy hours, you’ve finally bid farewell to the pesky belly fat. Cheers to your success! It’s a massive victory for your self-image and the confidence you feel in how you look.

We all know it’s difficult to lose weight. There are many go-go diets online promising instant results that never seem to work for you or for anyone on that matter. But we still strive towards it because the advantages of losing weight are worth it! Enhanced libido and radiant skin are only the beginning.

Are you ready to let go of your “fat pants” once and for all? Here’s everything you may need to know about the perks of losing weight. We’re sure after this. You’ll be convinced to say goodbye to those guilty weekend beer and fries.

1. Get better sleep

Snoozing aids your weight loss initially, but when you’ve lost weight, you’ll be able to sleep better. Losing just 5% of your body weight has been shown to improve sleep quality and length by the end of the night. More than that, losing weight can help with sleep apnea and snoring.

2. Fix hormonal imbalance

You may associate hormonal changes with puberty when you think of it. Still, hormones play a role in more than just your burgeoning sexual desire in your early teens. Your thyroid gland creates and secretes two critical hormones that help regulate your metabolism and, among other things, your muscle strength. So what’s the science behind it? Your hormones stabilize when you lose weight, making it easier to keep the weight off or even lose more.

When it comes to hormonal problems, women often suffer from painful periods. Good news: losing weight helps with this!

Even a tiny amount of weight loss helps regulate estrogen levels generated by fat cells and the ovaries together. According to the Office of Women’s Health, if you are overweight and producing more estrogen than is required, you may not be able to ovulate consistently. Weight reduction in childbearing women, according to Dr. Tsai, may assist in regulating periods.

3. Unleash your inner beast and increase your sexual performance

Is your sex life lacking spice? Well, let’s change that. You’ll no longer have to think twice about getting in the mood, and you may even find yourself consciously preventing yourself from going for a third time—hey, you’ve got to get some sleep. Dropping 10 pounds is enough to stimulate sex hormones, according to experts who say losing weight boosts testosterone and increases libido. A morning workout also increases blood flow to the pelvic area, boosting your motivation even further.

With the extra energy you’ll have from losing weight and the increased stamina you’ll gain from working out, you could go all night to the gym. Improving one’s physical fitness is linked to having a better time in bed. Doing the deed is now more pleasurable not only for you but for your partner as well.

As you lose weight, you may notice an increase in sexual activity. Research published in JAMA Surgery by North Dakota State University researchers examined data from over 2,000 people who had bariatric surgery and found that even five years after the procedure, people still reported an increase in sexual desire and activity and greater satisfaction with sex.

According to Denver internist Adam Tsai, M.D., head of the Obesity Society’s education committee in Silver Spring, MD, men with erectile dysfunction frequently experience improvements in the disease with weight reduction. He believes this is especially true if you’re trying to lose weight via exercise since it increases blood flow.

4. Feel better about yourself

The gym may have pushed your physical limits, but it also improved your mental state of health. When you work out, endorphins—feel-good chemicals—are released into your body. Endorphins cause the high you get after working out. In doing so, they reduce your perception of pain and produce an effect in the body similar to the one of morphine.

For sure, you’ve heard about those “lose weight, feel great!” advertisements, and we all agree they’re pretty cheesy. But there’s actually some truth in this. According to the non-profit Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) in Tampa, FL, many recent studies have shown substantial reductions in depression after considerable weight loss. Nearly one-fifth of individuals who experienced depression before the operation no longer had symptoms linked to it 12 months afterward, according to the organization’s findings on research involving more than 2,000 people.

5. Say goodbye to aching joints

Even with normal wear and tear on your joints, carrying extra weight around your midsection only makes things worse. There is a direct correlation between your skeletal frame and joints needing to support your weight and joint pain.

A drug-free approach to relieve arthritic joint discomfort is to lose weight. A 2018 research published in Arthritis Care & Research found that obese and overweight individuals with knee osteoarthritis who reduced 20% of their body weight over 18 months had less inflammatory pain and improved mobility than those who lost just 5% of their body weight.

It may seem difficult to lose 20% of your body weight. Still, research published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism shows that every pound you lose relieves 4 pounds of the strain off your knees.

6. Achieve that clear skin and healthy glow from within

If you started your healthy routine solely for weight loss, you might be surprised to discover that you have clearer, brighter skin as a side effect. Because of all the fruits and vegetables you’re probably eating and the sweat you’re likely to be producing, your new complexion can be attributed to a rise in nutrients and a consequent increase in detoxification. Remember to wash your face after a cardio session to clear your skin of acne and clogged pore problems.

7. Say goodbye to stress and headaches

Losing weight should be one less thing on your plate now that you’ve accomplished it. Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of sleep are all excellent stress-relief strategies, so consider them both.

People who are obese and suffer from migraines may discover that losing weight alleviates their symptoms. Weight loss via diet and exercise was linked to fewer and milder migraines, according to 2017 research published in the obesity journal Obesity. Additionally, in 2019, a team of American and Italian researchers presented their findings at the Endocrine Society conference on a study that tracked 475 individuals who lost weight either by changing their behavior or undergoing surgery. Although the reason for this remains a mystery, researchers discovered that losing weight was associated with substantial decreases in headache frequency, duration, the severity of pain, and how incapacitating migraines were.

Studies suggest that it might have something to do with other diseases associated with obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, which can also cause migraines. Some people believe that losing weight alleviates symptoms of stress, anxiety, and migraines by lowering inflammatory compounds in the body.

8. Get that bag!

Getting a drink at a bar shouldn’t cost you $20 in minimum delivery charges and $10 a glass. That’s not the case with you. Not only will you get closer to your weight-loss goals by cooking more and drinking less, but you’ll also save money in the process. To be honest, the math isn’t that difficult. When you eat less, you spend less money on food.

9. The more, the merrier: make room for a bigger social circle

Having a smaller social circle is a given as your pants size shrinks. Getting fit has already made you more socially active, and that’s thanks to the community of CrossFitters. 

Participating in something other than a Netflix marathon on your couch allows you to meet new people and expand your social circle. Losing weight gives you more self-confidence, and having more self-confidence motivates you to go out and meet people.

You’ll broaden your horizons and become more daring. Everything from cooking to sleeping to day-to-day activities includes the use of alcohol. Losing weight has the beautiful side benefit of making you feel better about yourself. Confidence has the strange effect of encouraging you to attempt new things.

10. Couple goals!

Whenever your partner insists on getting up at 5 a.m. so they can go to the gym or refuses to buy chips or pasta when they run to the store, do you feel inspired (or guilty) by it? And even if you haven’t, your partner may feel compelled to help because they’ve seen how much you’ve changed. If you’ve had success losing weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, there’s a high chance your partner will do the same. Maybe your family or close friends will be inspired to get their own butts working.

You’ll be more self-aware and considerate to others as a result of this. Don’t laugh: losing weight and doing what it takes to get there has the unintended consequence of making you more respectful of your body. Losing weight is a difficult task for anybody. It requires self-control and perseverance. Once you’ve been through it, you’ll have a newfound appreciation and admiration for others who are making the same efforts. As a result, you have a newfound respect for the hardships your body must face daily.

11. Better memory

At least you’ll be able to recall your sister’s birthday this time. The advantages of losing weight extend far beyond their physical appearance. Weight loss and increased physical activity both increase mental sharpness. According to the findings of various studies, shedding pounds improves your memory. Besides being happier all the time (endorphins, remember?), you’ll also recall the task you really should do today, tomorrow and the following day. For the brain to work correctly, it needs a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Weight loss leads to healthier eating habits with greater antioxidant levels, which in turn improves cognition.

12. Get ready for a closet upgrade because you’re going to strut with style

The best part of losing weight is that you’ll look fantastic when you’re alone. However, since no one can—or should—constantly be seen walking around in their birthday suits, it’s a good thing your wardrobe will benefit from your weight loss as well. Once you’ve shed a few pounds, you may feel more confident in your appearance and want to wear outfits that showcase your new body type to show off your accomplishments.

13. You’ll crave less junk food

Were you serious when you said no to Doritos? It may seem strange at first, but as your dietary habits improve and your willpower strengthens, you will find that you no longer crave unhealthy foods. People who fuel their bodies with nutritious, healthful meals are less prone to get ravenous during the day. Losing weight reduces the number of calories needed by the body to perform its functions. This makes you less tempted to grab a snack.

14. Brings out the chef in you!

Cooking for yourself is the only way to lose weight unless you subscribe to a meal delivery service. Even whether you order in or dine out, you’ll never achieve your goals if you keep doing what you’re doing now. Make it a point to shop for food weekly, plan and prepare nutritious meals, and try new flavors and food combinations. You’ll find that your cooking abilities improve. (However, achieving Top Chef rank may take some time.)

15. Explore a new world of flavors

When you examine your food under a microscope, you gradually become more aware of what you’re consuming. This awareness may help you lose weight, but it also makes you more appreciative of the tastes and textures of your food long after you’ve achieved your goal weight. Consider the occasions when you dine on the sofa while watching TV—does the food really taste that good? Do you have any recollection of that? Prepare fresh, home-cooked meals, and you’ll have a greater appreciation for the food you’re eating.

Many nutritious foods are already delicious, but if you’re trying to lose weight, your options for meals may become even more tantalizing. According to Stanford University study published decades ago, men who were overweight or obese had lower taste sensitivity. According to the research authors, taste buds weakened by usage or hormonal changes associated with weight reduction may affect how taste receptors interact with the brain.

You may discover—or rediscover—foods when you re-calibrate your taste. When individuals allowed the natural flavors of the veggies to come through, they realized how much the sauce had been concealing, says Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokeswoman Cordialis Msora-Kongo, R.D.N, a Los Angeles-based spokesman.

Sometimes, less is more. This is true for tasting new flavors. Simply put: Eat less, taste more!

16. Fewer hospital visits

If you can finally lose those last 10 pounds, you won’t be the only one celebrating. Being overweight increases your chance of developing several health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It’s no surprise that losing weight has the opposite impact of what you’d expect, making yearly doctor visits far less unpleasant.

You’ll also cut down on the medications. Generally speaking, the less medication you require, the better your health is. That’s the way things operate in practice (in some cases). In addition to strengthening your immune system and supporting general body functioning, regular exercise and a healthy diet may help you lose weight, which lowers your chance of developing health issues and may even allow you to stop taking prescription medications altogether. Always be with your physician before beginning a self-prescription regimen (or un-prescribing).

17. You’ll have better organization

Getting in shape and losing weight requires preparation. Making good food choices and exercising every day becomes a habit that has a ripple effect on other aspects of your life. If you stick to plan and religiously exercise, you’ll be surprised at how efficient you will be at time management.

18. Hassle-free travels

Even the healthiest people feel tired after a few flights of steps in the metro. Those of you who call a large city home are all too familiar with its tribulations. Standing for an hour or more in traffic isn’t pleasant for those who can avoid packed subways. However, your body will thank you for it after you’ve lost a few pounds. You’ll notice that your commute to and from work will be a lot more pleasant once you lose weight.

19. Boost your immune system

Excess weight may make allergy symptoms worse for some people. Because more weight puts stress on your respiratory system, any difficulty breathing due to allergies will further exacerbate your condition. Studies show that if you lose weight before allergy season, you’ll be able to breathe a little easier.

According to the CDC, those with a BMI more than 30 have a significantly greater chance of developing asthma than those with a lower BMI (CDC). Because most individuals carry their excess weight around their middle, Dr. Tsai speculates that this may be why it’s so hard to breathe. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, Allergies, and Immunology, even a 10-pound weight loss may significantly impact asthma symptoms.

As an added benefit of losing weight, you may find it simpler to work out. According to research published in the British Medical Journal, people with asthma who exercised had greater control of their symptoms. Choose activities that alternate brief bursts of energy with times of relative rest (volleyball, gymnastics, racquet sports) since they are less likely to trigger asthma symptoms than exercises that need you to remain on the move because exercise may exacerbate symptoms for certain asthmatics.

It’s about time you get rid of that stubborn runny nose. There’s no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise for boosting your immune system. Sipping on an orange-flavored fizzy drink won’t do anything to boost your immunity, like getting eight hours of sleep a night, eating fresh produce, and exercising.

20. Longer life

Really. Who do you think will live longer: a couch potato who lives off of snacks and drinks or an active, healthy eater? Because of the improved behaviors and physical advantages that come with losing weight, you’ll be in a better position to live a longer, healthier life.


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