Can Ginger Water Aid Weight Loss?

Ginger is a flowering plant grown mostly for its root, used in cooking and baking. Ginger can also help with inflammation, digestion, and hunger suppression. Because of these characteristics, some people believe ginger water can be a good addition to your weight loss diet. According to medical research, ginger can help you achieve a healthy […]

Sweet Poison: Why Sugar is Ruining Your Weight Loss Journey

What if I told you that You are being poisoned by sugar. A not-so-fun fact: A single 473-ml can of soda has 52 grams of sugar, which accounts for more than 10% of your daily calorie intake on a 2,000-calorie diet. This means that only one sugary drink per day can put you over the […]

Diabetes-Friendly Diet: A Quick Guide

You may be reluctant to give up your favorite foods whether you have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or have been diagnosed for some time but are now ready to make diet modifications. Type 2 diabetes diets aren’t as difficult as you would think, and you don’t have to give up your favorite […]

Is Papaya Keto? Learn More Here!

Let’s talk about weight reduction plans like the keto diet (low-carb diet) and how they affect your weight in an era where a healthy weight is viewed as the most important evidence of a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we’ll discuss the ketogenic diet, the benefits of papaya leaves, and why it’s a no-brainer to […]

Liquid Calories and What You Need To Know About It

Nowadays, we associate the word ‘calories’ with a negative connotation. Often, we think it’s not fair, guys, all these weight gain/obesity/health issues! But the truth is, calories are a unit of energy that our bodies require to survive! Liquid Calories: How They Help You Lose Weight Highlights: Calories are a unit of energy that our bodies […]

Great Food Combos That You May Try For Weight Loss

Why Eat Food Combining Diets? To live a healthy lifestyle, we at Verywell believe no one size fits all. Successful eating plans are tailored to the individual. Consult your doctor or a registered dietitian before starting a new diet, especially if you have a health issue. Food combining diets believe that eating certain foods separately […]

The Best and Worst Proteins That You Can Eat

What Are the Healthiest and Worst Protein Sources? Protein is essential, yet not all proteins are made equal. It’s critical to consume adequate protein throughout the day because it aids in muscle healing and repair, as well as boosting your metabolism and staving off hunger. It is, however, all about quality, and different forms of […]

Is It Good to Add Watermelons to Your Diet?

Summer is here! – And if you are looking for the best summer fruit to combat those stubborn fats, try the delicious watermelon fruit. As per the World Health Organization, consuming at least five 80-gram servings of various fruits and vegetables daily lowers your risk for serious health problems. In addition, there are certain fruits […]

Salmon for the Take: A Delicious Fatty Fish for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, salmon is one of the best types of fish that you can have. It’s unique pink-colored flesh ranges from deep red to orange and is nutrient-dense that can help you both to improve your health and lose weight (1). Along with this, salmon has a natural flavor that sets […]