10 Simple Exercises You Can Do As A Diabetic

Exercise is your secret weapon, especially when facing diabetes—it’s like holding a winning card. Everyone agrees that getting active is crucial for staying healthy. It boosts your mood, ensures your sleep is dreamy, and energizes your daily routines. Also, for those aiming to lose weight, it’s a true ally. Really, shedding some pounds plays a […]

Top 10 Safe Supplements You Can Take to Augment Your Training

Across the US, shelves burst with workout supplements, all claiming safety. Yet, tread carefully – a handful hide surprises, not the good kind. Some are polite, offering warnings on their packaging; others, not so much, leaving you to wonder. Why does this happen? Unlike medicines across the globe, supplements dodge the rigorous inspections. So, if […]

Can Cooling your Hands Help Make Exercise Longer and Improve Your Strength? Read Here!

Chill hands help you nail your job as the sun turns up the heat. Elevate your performance by keeping those palms cool. Our hands may have significantly impacted our evolution more than the human brain. As Alan Ruddock demonstrates, keeping your hands at a cool temperature can help you perform better in sports (1). The […]