Top 10 Safe Supplements You Can Take to Augment Your Training

There are so many safe supplements for training available in the US today. Unfortunately, many supplements may carry with them undesired side effects. Some have warnings but others don’t. This is largely because, in many countries, supplements are not as heavily regulated as medicine. This is the reason why many supplements were advertised as having […]

Can Cooling your Hands Help Make Exercise Longer and Improve Your Strength? Read Here!

Keeping your hands cold can make it easier to do your job when it’s hot outside. Improve your sports physiology performance by keeping your hands cold. Our hands may have significantly impacted our evolution more than the human brain. As Alan Ruddock demonstrates, keeping your hands at a cool temperature can help you perform better […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Orange Theory

With over 1,400 studios in all 50 states and around the world, Orange Theory has amassed a cult following of one million members in just ten years! To be more specific, this one is a one-hour-long, HIIT-centric workout that focuses on your heart rate to torch calories. But what exactly does the wildly popular activity […]