Green Mediterranean Diet: What Changed? Is this Better than the Original?

According to the study’s authors, individuals who had a diet higher in plant-based proteins and lower in red and poultry meat had improved metabolic and cardiovascular health. Some evidence suggests that the “green” Mediterranean diet may be even better for your health than the traditional Mediterranean diet (1).  More than two-thirds of the 294 people […]

11 Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas Perfect for Weight Loss

These delectable and straightforward low-calorie vegan lunch recipes allow you to enjoy a filling meal without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. Weight loss is simple and healthy when you eat plenty of nutritious vegetables, protein, and fiber. Every aspect of a delicious plant-based meal that you could ask for, but without the excess calories! Even though […]

Protein Powders for Weight Loss: Are They Beneficial?

Protein powders are commonly used to build muscle, but they can also help you lose weight. Looking for the best type of protein powders for weight loss? Whey protein, casein, egg proteins, and plant-based sources like soy and pea are all ideal choices. Some of these protein powders include nutrients like caffeine and fiber, which […]

Salmon for the Take: A Delicious Fatty Fish for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, salmon is one of the best types of fish that you can have. It’s unique pink-colored flesh ranges from deep red to orange and is nutrient-dense that can help you both to improve your health and lose weight (1). Along with this, salmon has a natural flavor that sets […]

Benefits of Soup for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

A soup diet is a short-term eating plan that is created to help individuals lose weight rapidly. There is no one official soup diet, but rather a collection of various soup-based eating plans. While some involve only eating soup throughout the diet, other diets include a prescribed list of foods that you can include in […]

Some Uncommon Weight Loss Diets Around the World

It’s not so uncommon for us to find ourselves with several ways to lose weight and live healthily. When it comes to finding a diet – no matter how uncommon it is – we’ll never run out of options. Dietary and eating habits from around the globe can do wonders for one’s overall health, longevity, […]