Weight Loss: What Worked For Me

Published on November 25, 2014 and last updated for accuracy on December 5, 2018

“Why can’t I lose the weight? I diet and exercise but still can’t lose weight” These thoughts had run through my mind on more than one occasion. For years I had been trying with no real success. I yo-yo’ed often, got depressed, ate more, and gained more. I tried every new pill, new diet and clinic I could think of.

“I really didn’t want to opt for surgery, but maybe that was my only option,” I thought.

Then one day I came across the Phentermine Clinics website and I found out how to lose the weight permanently. It’s here I learned what was stopping me from having effective weight loss, and these are the same issues that stop others from having effective weight loss success as well.

Turns out that many people who need to lose weight suffer from what doctors called the “MD factor.” This is the metabolic dysfunction which happens when:

  • You have low energy levels. This is when you feel foggy or tired after a meal, especially those that are heavy in carbs.
  • You gain belly weight
  • You experience hormonal changes
  • You age

What are You Supposed to Do?

Well, the first step is to take the right weight loss supplement. This was one of the hardest challenges I faced because I wasn’t sure what the right supplement was. However, after visiting a local Phentermine clinic I found that this was the right option for me.

Phentermine is not a long-term solution. Now that being said, let’s talk about what it is and how it can help. We all know that eating less and moving more are the basics to effective weight loss right? But still, for many of us, that just isn’t enough, especially not if you’ve had the weight for a long time. In these cases, a prescription weight loss drug like Phentermine can help but that doesn’t mean it is a “Cure All” solution. No. You still need to diet and exercise while taking the medication.

What Does Phentermine Do?

Primarily, it is an effective appetite suppressant. However, it also increases your energy levels and increases your metabolism. It is a drug that you shouldn’t take for a long period of time, but it is recommended in the initial stages of your weight loss plan, as it helps to put your body back into sync.

Does Phentermine Have Side Effects?

As with most dietary medical prescriptions there can be some small side effects in a few people. These can include dizziness, insomnia, a slight spike in blood pressure and in extreme cases heart palpitations, this according to WebMD.

Still, there are thousands of people who take Phentermine and don’t experience any side effects whatsoever, as in my case. But this is why professionals recommend you take the drug under medical supervision.

Is that All?

Certainly not. Phentermine by itself will not give you long-lasting results. You need to make important nutritional lifestyle changes. A good Phentermine clinic will also start you on an exercise routine that you can stick to.

What Happens During Treatment?

During a long-term clinical treatment program, you’ll learn to eat the right macronutrients. That is a diet that is balanced in lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. It is this combined with treatment for metabolic dysfunction that will start you off on the road to weight loss success.

I Feel Like I’m Eating More

When I started with a Phentermine treatment program I told my doctor that I thought I was eating more. He informed me that in effect, I was eating more frequently but not necessarily more. No, in fact, portions were much smaller.

It turns out that eating two or three meals a day allows the metabolism to slow down and rest between meals. By contrast, adding small protein-rich foods in smaller time intervals will keep your metabolism burning calories between meals – even when you aren’t physically active.

The Importance of Protein

Phentermine nutritionists and doctors stress the importance of protein. This is because your body has to work harder at breaking down proteins which makes your metabolism work faster.

Add Water

Your body needs water for the metabolism to work at burning calories. Without it your metabolism slows down.


You need to get your blood flowing so even something like a stroll around the neighborhood can boost your energy levels. Do a light workout to fight fatigue and boost your mood. This can also lower your stress levels and prevent or reverse metabolic dysfunction.

Build Muscle

Exercise is just a small part of the exercise routine you need. For weight loss to be the most effective you also want to build up muscle which in turn will give you a higher resting metabolic rate, and lead to more calorie burning while doing activities that are not as energy intensive; these include breathing, resting, sleeping and sitting. Strength training builds muscle that burns fat even when you are resting.

In the End…

While in the effort to lose weight and keep it off, I’ve learned that there isn’t just one miracle way to do it. Effective weight loss is a lifestyle change, one that involves proper eating habits and routines that speed up your metabolic rate and allow your body to burn energy faster.


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