Yes and NO: This is the Response to The Low Carb Diet

Published on November 17, 2014 and last updated for accuracy on December 5, 2018

“I’m on a diet”

“I need to lose a few pounds.”

“I wish I could lose weight.”

These are just a few of the frequent statements we hear from most women. It may be that women worry more about their health, or it may just be a canned response, but the truth is a lot of women, especially in Dallas TX., are trying to lose weight; so much so, that restaurants now cater to women on diets.

According to recent studies, a woman spends about 10 years of her life trying to lose weight. Apparently, the average woman goes on two healthy eating plans a year, each of these lasting about five weeks – and that adds up to 10 years for a woman; it’s about 104 diets between the ages of 18 and 70.

That adds up to a lot of trying to lose weight. And the results? Well, apparently we aren’t having much success if we take up 104 diets over the course of our lifetimes.

In truth, we all seem to be approaching weight loss the wrong way. Based on what I’ve learned at the Phentermine Clinics, it’s not really about how much you eat, but more about what you eat, how frequently you eat, the quantity you eat and the exercise you get.

The secret to great weight loss lies in low carbs, adding high protein foods, and eating smaller more frequent portions. It’s this combination that works. Not one thing or another.

Not only does this work for the celebs like Kim Kardashian, but now whole government entities like the Swedish government suggest that the best way to lose weight is by reducing the carbs.

Ha. But that doesn’t mean raiding the WalMart fridges for those meatballs. No low-carb diets seem to be working on a short-term basis.

In other words, most Phentermine Dietitians explain that the use of a potent appetite suppressant in combination with a low-carb diet can jumpstart your metabolism and help lose weight on a short-term basis. But later throughout the weight loss plan, the dietician may change your diet to a low-calorie diet to help maintain and give you long-term benefits.

In the Long Run

Ditching carbs for good can be potentially harmful to your metabolism, as quick weight loss helps you lose weight, but when it’s not paired with exercise can reduce muscle mass too. But gaining it back by going off the low carb diet, and returning to your old eating habits you could just put on extra fat.

R.D. a Dallas Weight loss expert believes you shouldn’t eliminate foods altogether from your diet, but instead stick to the daily American dietary guidelines which say you should eat more fruits and vegetables, use smaller portions of starches (carbs) and proteins.

Phentermine Dietitians in the Dallas area conducted a recent study. They put African American women on a weight-maintenance program, offered them Phentermine, gave them cooking alternatives, low-calorie choices and healthy eating tips. They were taught special skills like how to make low-calorie meals or how to order these on a menu. After a year, these women had dropped weight and felt healthier.

Taking the Healthy Approach

So why does a healthy approach work? One reason is that it’s easier to stick to healthy habits, and this gives you more energy and helps motivate you to continue to lose weight and keep it off. Cutting out 300 calories from a daily diet is much easier than cutting 500.

How to Find that Success

If you have been unsuccessful at losing weight, you should get help from one of our Dallas local Phentermine clinics. These experts can help improve your metabolism, get you more active and teach you how to eat healthily for the rest of your life. This is what will help you take off the weight permanently and give you a healthier, happier lifestyle.