Is It Safe to Exercise While Taking Phentermine? Yes or No?

by Dr. Ahmed Zayed
Published on July 12, 2024
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Slimming down is **tough** and **complicated**, but when the holidays are looming, tons of people start thinking about shedding some weight. Whether you’re aiming to trim up for a specific reason or just want to feel better, we’re here to offer a helping hand and plenty of tips. Keep in mind, though, it’s hardly a piece of cake.

You probably have heard of many weight loss tips, tricks, and myths. Today, we are here to debunk one of the biggest myths related to losing weight and with that give you, our readers, an answer to a rather hard question – Do Phentermine and exercise go in the same equation that leads to healthy weight loss? Is one supposed to be regularly exercising while they are taking what is the most popular weight loss pill in the United States? Find out in the following article!

What should you know about Phentermine?

Phentermine is the most popular weight loss drug currently available in the United States and Canada. It can be met under many generic and brand names, but that of course, does not change the fact that we are talking about the same, highly effective weight loss drug. It is also the most commonly used drug to treat obese and overweight patients. (1) What Phentermine actually is, is an appetite suppression which means that by taking Phentermine, you should expect your appetite to reduce. Phentermine also works as an energy booster once it is introduced to the human body. Phentermine, unlike many weight loss drugs and supplements, is an FDA-approved drug.

Phentermine is available only with a doctor’s prescription. One could find many versions of this drug online claiming to be Phentermine just under another name or in a different packaging, however, that is not true. The generic and brand names of Phentermine are well known and the original drug is never sold without a doctor’s prescription, especially due to the fact that it is known to cause certain side-effects and to interact with other medications and health issues that the patient might be dealing with.

Phentermine is known to cause many side-effects, some more severe than others including diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, insomnia, headache, vomiting, nausea, dizziness etc. (2) Phentermine is also quite the controversial drugs that unfortunately has many myths related to it. One of the biggest myth is the topic of today’s article.

Is it safe to exercise and take Phentermine at the same time?

If you do a little research you will find numerous different people sharing their experiences with Phentermine. Unfortunately, what you will also find is many people spreading myths about this amazing drug. It is not uncommon to read people saying that they have lost weight just by using Phentermine and nothing else, meaning without following any diet or exercise plan. You will also read about people claiming that you can use Phentermine for as long as you wish for or that you can buy Phentermine without a doctor’s prescription.

Well…like it or not but these are, unfortunately, all myths. And there are many of these to cross your way once you get interested in taking Phentermine. But today we are here to focus on the biggest one of them all.

Many people claim that one is not allowed to exercise regularly while taking Phentermine due to various reasons. FALSE! This is the biggest myth related to Phentermine. Why do you ask? If you ask any professional and experienced doctor to discuss the topic of Phentermine, you will hear her/him saying that exercising while taking Phentermine is highly recommended. In fact, the chances that you will lose the weight that you are supposed to while taking Phentermine without any exercise or diet plan are very small. You see, Phentermine is a fantastic drug, but it is not a magical one.

Working as an appetite suppressant and energy booster, you should act smart and use these beneficial effects of Phentermine in order to achieve your weight goal. Phentermine will give you the energy that your body craves in order to exercise regularly and plus, working as an appetite suppressor, it will help you to stick to your assigned diet plan better and more efficiently. Of course, we are not talking about a strict, calorie-deficient diet. We are talking about a healthy diet which includes all of the food groups and nutrients, however, in a recommended amount in order for you to lose the wanted weight.

So to answer your question – yes, exercising while taking Phentermine is completely safe and most importantly, it is doctor-recommended!

What are the benefits of exercising while you are taking Phentermine?

Regular physical activity in any kind is highly beneficial for the human body. No matter if you choose it to be jogging, walking, running, cycling, climbing, or working out at the gym – exercising is beneficial for both the body and the mind.

So apart from the obvious health benefits that you will gain from being regularly physically active such as reduced risk of diabetes, reduced risk of heart disease and heart attack, reduced risk of stroke, improved blood flow, improved mood, increased muscle strength and many others, there is the one major benefit from exercising regularly while taking Phentermine.

We are talking about weight loss of course. By taking Phentermine and exercising at the same time you are ensuring that you are burning more calories than you can even imagine and with that, losing that unwanted weight. Use the energy boost that comes with Phentermine and exercise until you see yourself sweating and those calories and fats burning! (3)

Another great benefit of exercising regularly while taking Phentermine is the reduced chance of gaining back the lost weight as soon as you complete your treatment with Phentermine. This is what most people fear when they are trying to lose weight.

However, by continuing with the healthy eating habits that you have established with the help of the diet plan during your treatment with Phentermine and your regular exercise plan, you have nothing to be afraid of. Even without Phentermine, your body will be trained to work and shred calories thanks to the previous lifestyle changes that you have made and you are continuing to make in the days that follow.

What should you and should not do while exercising and taking Phentermine at the same time?

Of course, there are a few things that you would need to remember while trying to lose weight by taking Phentermine, following a healthy diet plan and exercising at the same time.

There are a few exercises that we would like to recommend to you, our readers, to consider including in your regular exercising plan during your treatment with Phentermine.

  • Cardio – Cardio exercises are just the right thing to get you sweating and your heart pounding. Phentermine is known to give great results when it is pair with a quality cardio session on a regular level. (4)
    We would recommend trying the stationary bike or get your bike out and cycle as you feel your heart pounding and sweat breaking out of your pores. The treadmill is another great way to get your cardio for the day. Start small with a calming walk until you reach a steady jog that you will keep for as long as possible.
  • Upper body exercises – Choose from the great variety of arm, back, and abs exercise that you will include in your exercise plan. The great thing about the upper body exercises is that you have a wide variety of exercises that you do not require any equipment whatsoever so you get to do them at home or at the gym. These exercises will help you build lean, nice, and strong muscles that everyone will be jealous of and not to mention the fact that they will help you lose weight without a question.
  • Lower body exercises – Doing your upper body exercises is a great thing, but do not forget how important your glutes, and legs are as well. We are talking about big muscle groups here, that in order to be properly activated, require many energy and calories to be burned. That, as always, is a good thing to be heard. Choose from the different lower body exercises and lose that unwanted weight as soon as possible while you are getting the butt and legs from your dreams!

A few things that we would like you to remember are the following:

  • Do not set unrealistic goals for yourself – Exercising regularly for the first time in your life is overwhelming and does bring certain risks if you do not set realistic goals for yourself. It also puts many stress on your body. Add Phentermine to that equation and things can end up not very nice, very quickly. Do not make any drastic changes once you start taking Phentermine.
    Let your body get used to the idea that you are taking a new drug, eating healthier and exercising regularly now. Start small with the exercising part of the plan and increase the weight that you are putting on yourself gradually.
  • Quantity does not matter, quality does – Instead of focusing on finishing as many hours as possible at the gym, focus on completing each goal that you are setting for yourself in there. Take your time, patience and effort to complete each exercise the best that you can, even if that means you get to exercise only half an hour efficiently today.
  • Set a goal and track your progress – Set a realistic goal in terms of losing weight, burning calories and exercising and track your progress. Then challenge yourself and make yourself feel proud when you discover that you are closer to your goal with each day, week and month passed.


Phentermine, an FDA-approved appetite suppressant, and energy booster is the current number one hit in the United States when it comes to weight loss by using prescription drugs. Phentermine, along with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise is the key that solves the problems and risks related to obesity and being overweight.

Despite what many people tend to believe, working out on a regular basis is actually recommended when it comes to Phentermine and we would not like for our readers to believe it otherwise. As you have learned from today’s article, in order to achieve great results in terms of weight loss, you need all three of them – healthy diet plan, regular exercise and Phentermine on your side. Trust us, you will be amazed at the results!



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