Top 5 Myths About Phentermine Debunked

by Dr. Ahmed Zayed
Published on November 13, 2018 and last updated for accuracy on April 4, 2019

We all have heard our physicians encouraging us to lose weight by combining the beneficial effects of a proper diet and regular physical exercise. However, nobody said that we could not use a little help in the process as well! Currently, there are literally millions of different brands offering their formulas of weight loss supplements promising us great results in just a matter of weeks, even days. But how to choose the best one? Thorough research is one way to do it. That is what we have done and do you know what came up? We came face-to-face with one of the best weight loss supplements out there – Phentermine!

Although Phentermine has been approved by the FDA and it is now sold completely legally with its beneficial effects actually being proven before it has hit the shelves, Phentermine still draws a lot of attention to itself, and not all of it is good attention. The truth is that, more than a few myths floating in the air when it comes to using Phentermine for the sole purpose to lose that unwanted body weight and improve your body image and self-confidence.

That is why we decided to debunk 5 of the most common myths about Phentermine, and we hope that you are here to stay and absorb every little information that we have to share today.

What do you need to know about Phentermine?

Phentermine is a known weight loss supplement or to be more specific – an appetite suppressant. Phentermine is also known under many other brand and generic names. You might be surprised to hear that Phentermine had first hit the market back in 1959.

Phentermine is only available with a doctor’s subscription. It is usually prescribed to people who have BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 30, which means that Phentermine is generally used to treat obesity. Phentermine alone can only do so much, so it is highly recommended that its use is combined with regular exercise and calorie restrict. (1)
Phentermine does cause some side-effects, however, in most cases, the side-effects are mild to moderate.

The most common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, insomnia, etc. We should also mention the highly addictive nature of Phentermine and how it is quite easy for some patients to develop a Phentermine addiction after just a few weeks of treatment with Phentermine. (2)

The recommended dose of Phentermine is 8mg to be taken orally, three times a day, 30 minutes before meals. Phentermine should not be taken late at night due to the possibility that insomnia might occur as a side-effect. Of course, we encourage our readers to follow the instructions given by their physicians regarding the dosage. (3)

Top 5 myths about Phentermine debunked right now!

Despite the fact that we are talking about a prescribed weight loss drug that has been approved by the FDA, there are still hundreds of people out there sharing their opinion on the matter and unfortunately spreading false information about Phentermine. If you start digging up, you will come up with thousands of information about Phentermine and unfortunately, just as many myths about this amazing drug. Today, we decided to debunk 5 of the greatest myths about Phentermine so that we can once and for all help our readers distinguish the truth from all the lies.

Myth number 1 – Phentermine is available without a doctor’s prescription

FALSE! As we mentioned before, Phentermine is only available with a doctor’s prescription, and that is the end of all those myths that you can buy Phentermine any other way. And we will tell you why.

You see, the main compound of Phentermine is Phentermine HCI which is a chemical compound quite similar to amphetamines. It is a compound that is controlled by the FDA, and for that reason, Phentermine is only available to patients who have their doctor’s prescription for this exact drug. Remember – the only legal way for you to get the original Phentermine is to with a doctor’s prescription. Anything else that you might find online or wherever is not the real Phentermine and you might quite easily end up buying something that in the worst case scenario might put your life in danger.

Myth number 2 – You can take Phentermine for as long as you want

Many people tend to believe that they can use Phentermine for as long as they wish for and get a new doctor’s prescription just like that. FALSE! Your doctor is the one that determines how long you will be using Phentermine and is the only one that has a saying on the matter. Even without that, Phentermine is not intended to be used for a long period of time.
Phentermine is classified as a short-term weight loss drug. The FDA has determined that Phentermine can be used for as long as 12 weeks or 3 months the most.

If your doctor believes that you may benefit from using Phentermine for longer than three months, he/she will probably divide your treatment period accordingly with planned breaks in between. The positive effects of Phentermine in terms of weight loss cannot be denied, but there is also the highly addictive nature of this drug to think about. Many people tend to develop an addiction to Phentermine quite easily, which is why, learning from past mistakes, the maximum period of use of Phentermine is exactly 12 weeks. (4)

Myth number 3 – You can use Phentermine and lose weight without having to go on a diet or exercise

FALSE! Anyone who might be thinking that taking Phentermine is an easy way to lose weight is wrong. Phentermine can only do so much, but you have to do your share of work as well.

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant, known to reduce your appetite and boost your energy which will help you with your diet and regular exercising. And you should use that in order to lose your unwanted weight faster and more efficient.

By combining a proper diet, regular exercise, and Phentermine, you will have the ultimate methods to lose weight and never look back. Also, hydrating your body by drinking enough water is another thing that you should never forget if you are trying to lose weight and become a better and healthier version of yourself.

Myth number 4 – Phentermine does not cause any side-effects

FALSE! If you have read our article carefully so far, you know enough to debunk this myth yourself.

As we mentioned earlier, Phentermine is known to cause some side-effects, although in most cases they are only mild to moderate. Your doctor will explain the most common side-effects and how to cope in case you experience any of them. Other than that, you should be fine using Phentermine and losing all of that unwanted weight on the way. However, we encourage all of our readers to contact their doctors as soon as they notice any of the previously mentioned side-effects.

Myth number 5 – Everyone gains their weight back after they stop using Phentermine

The biggest concern for many people is that as soon as they lose their weight, they will start gaining it back not too soon after they have stopped using Phentermine. Well, this is FALSE!

Since Phentermine is only meant to be used in a short period of time, and despite the fact that it brings numerous beneficial effects for your weight loss process, you should not rely too much on the drug to do all the work. Instead, we would advise you to take your time during the three months of treatment with Phentermine and use that time to form healthy eating and exercising habits. Whether or not you will gain your weight back after you have quit using Phentermine is all up to how you decide to live your life afterward.

Of course, you will gain your weight back if you go back to eating nothing but fast food and sit on the couch the whole day. Despite the fact that your treatment with Phentermine has ended, you should continue eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis. That is the only way to make sure that those extra body pounds stay as far away as possible from you and you continue living your life feeling healthy and great each day.


Phentermine, an appetite suppressant, is the most popular weight loss drug in the United States! Available only with a doctor’s prescription, Phentermine is part of the usual treatment for obesity for patients with BMI over 30. It is a drug that combined with a proper diet, and regular exercise gives phenomenal results that will change your body image and increase your self-confidence and not to mention help you lose all of those unwanted body pounds. But it is also a drug that has far too many myths around it. Today, we successfully debunked 5 of the most popular myths about Phentermine!



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