Top 10 Safe Supplements You Can Take to Augment Your Training

Across the US, shelves burst with workout supplements, all claiming safety. Yet, tread carefully – a handful hide surprises, not the good kind. Some are polite, offering warnings on their packaging; others, not so much, leaving you to wonder. Why does this happen? Unlike medicines across the globe, supplements dodge the rigorous inspections. So, if […]

What is an Elimination Diet? Why Do It and How?

Many people struggle with food allergies and digestive problems. The World Health Organization states that anywhere from 2 to 20 percent of individuals worldwide face these challenges with what they eat. (1) An elimination diet, which has been used for many centuries, is considered to be the most reliable method for determining food intolerances, sensitivities, […]

6 Stir Fry Recipes Good for Weight Loss

No matter the hype or how many social media stars promote them, trendy diets hardly ever lead to lasting health. Their failure often stems from not being grounded in strong science or because following them is as tough as scaling a mountain without shoes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be limited to fruits and […]

Can Cooling your Hands Help Make Exercise Longer and Improve Your Strength? Read Here!

Chill hands help you nail your job as the sun turns up the heat. Elevate your performance by keeping those palms cool. Our hands may have significantly impacted our evolution more than the human brain. As Alan Ruddock demonstrates, keeping your hands at a cool temperature can help you perform better in sports (1). The […]

Can Obesity Impact Work Productivity?

Times are changing, and so are our waistlines. Gone are the days when a few extra pounds didn’t raise an eyebrow at work. Nowadays, with people from every age group witnessing their weight inch up, the alarm bells over related health problems are getting louder, driving up healthcare expenses. This isn’t just about individual health […]

Low Cholesterol Diet for Beginners: What to Eat, Avoid and More

Think of your diet as the boss of your heart’s health, guiding you away from bad news like heart attacks and strokes. By choosing awesome snacks, you’re on your way to sailing smooth and avoiding health hiccups. Let’s explore the magical realm of foods that are kind to your heart and master dodging health hazards […]

15 Best Foods for Better Workout Results, According to Science

Not every meal sits at the same table. It’s not that certain snacks top the charts while others don’t make the cut. It’s all about how some foods deliver a hefty knock of nutrients, and others ace it when targeting particular objectives. All of the food in this list are delicious and flexible to be […]

Green Mediterranean Diet: What Changed? Is this Better than the Original?

Researchers discovered that when people munch on **more greens and beans** rather than chowing down on chicken and beef, their hearts pump happier, and their energy soars! Some evidence suggests that the “green” Mediterranean diet may be even better for your health than the traditional Mediterranean diet (1).  More than two-thirds of the 294 people […]

Surprising Findings About Age and Metabolism

People whisper it’s tougher to snack like a kid once you’ve racked up more birthdays. Because your metabolism often slows down as you get older, you’re more likely to gain weight (1). Loss of muscle mass, decreased physical activity, and the natural progression of aging metabolic processes are some of the reasons for this phenomenon. […]

Can CBD Oils Help You Lose Weight? Read Here!

Cannabidiol, or **CBD**, is the talk of the town, catching everyone’s attention with its health and wellness benefits. People rave about the magic drops of CBD oil, claiming it’s the secret sauce for shedding weight. But, is that the whole truth? Find out in this post everything we know about how CBD can help you […]