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Are Essential Oils Effective for Weight Loss?

Do you want to start losing weight but feel like your own body is fighting against you? Does the thought of making healthy lifestyle changes send your stress levels through the roof? ​Are you trying all the traditional weight loss methods like diet & exercise but they seem to be less effective than you desire? […]

18 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid In 2021

Losing weight can be tricky! Even if you’re armed with an arsenal of weight-loss tips, when you’re insanely busy it can be tough to focus on your goals in a healthy, sustainable way. While it is easy to mess up, knowing the traps you’re most likely to fall into will make it simpler for you […]

20 Reasons Why Weight Loss Could Be A Serious Problem

It’s natural for your weight to fluctuate throughout the year. Maybe you have eaten a little too much during the holidays to gain weight, or you have dealt with some kind of stress such as changing jobs, divorce, redundancy or bereavement and ended up dropping some pounds. A slight swing on the scale is something […]

How Does Running Work for Weight Loss and Tips to Keep You Going

Many people who lose significant amounts of weight and maintain it are exercisers. While many types of exercise can be effective for weight loss, running is quite hard to beat, alongside a healthy diet. Evidence shows that runners were leaner and lighter than those who did the same amounts of any other type of workout. […]

What Makes Date Palm A Superfood for Weight Loss?

Both diet and exercise are an unavoidable part of a weight loss journey. Missing out any of the two will not provide you with the desired weight loss result. But you have to be very particular about what you eat while trying to shed those extra kilos. The food items should be nutritious, fiber-rich and […]

6 Ways Sitting in A Sauna Can Promote Weight Loss Plus Other Health Benefits

Sauna is a Finnish word that means a bathhouse or bath. Saunas have been used in Finland for over 2000 years from where they were invented. It is a part of the lifestyle of the people and a very integral part of healthy living as well as activities in the community. It is believed by […]

Can Indoor Stationary Cycling Help You Lose Weight?

There are various weight loss measures people adopt to lose weight such as limiting energy intake from total sugar and fats, increasing vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, etc. in the diet. In addition to this, you can also follow various types of physical activities and exercises such as walking, running, jogging, weight training, yoga, swimming, […]

12 Must-Eat Fermented Foods for Better Digestion and Weight Loss

Popular across cultures for centuries, fermenting has made a fashionable comeback as a provider of ‘good’ bacteria that contributes to a healthy digestive system. Want to know what the fuss is all about? Let’s give you the lowdown.   Historically the fermentation technique was used as a way of preserving foods and drinks long before the […]

Why and How to Improve Digestion

Your digestive system has a direct impact on your overall health. Digestion is the mechanical and chemical process of breaking down food into molecules small enough to be absorbed through your intestinal lining.  Built-up old waste and hardened mucus can hinder absorption. You must have a healthy, clean and intact intestinal lining to absorb the […]

Laxatives for Weight Loss: Are They Safe and Effective?

Laxatives are a type of medication that people use to relieve constipation. Sometimes, people without constipation take laxatives in the belief that these drugs will help them lose weight. In this article, we look at whether laxatives aid weight loss. We also discuss the safety of using laxatives for weight loss, alternative weight loss strategies, […]