10 Ideas for Office Weight Loss Challenge

by Dr. Ahmed Zayed
Published on July 10, 2019
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Do you want to lose weight but do not want to start walking on that path alone? Are you looking for a fun group of people that have the same goal to become their better version of themselves, as you do? How about trying a fun, engaging office weight loss challenge for a change? The office weight loss challenge will keep you, and your coworkers competing against each other to achieve the goal of weight loss and perhaps even win a prize!

Read more about some fun office weight loss challenge ideas that you can participate in with your coworkers!

What is the office weight loss challenge?

Since most of us are getting their work done from their offices, where too many bad habits and stress are located, participating in an office weight loss challenge is the perfect idea to improve your lifestyle and get rid of those extra extra pounds. Your office is where you spend 8 to 9 hours a day so it would be a great start to work on changing your bad lifestyle habits from there. By accepting to take part in the office weight loss, you will be participating in a series of challenges with the ultimate goal to lose weight while you are competing with your coworkers on who will achieve the best weight loss results possible (1)!

In addition, the office weight loss challenge is a great opportunity to be a part of some excellent team-building exercise that will improve the teamwork and the work environment in the office. Think about it – you will be taking part in something that will ultimately result in improving your health, achieving your goal weight, creating a better work atmosphere, and connecting better with your coworkers.

Top 10 ideas for office weight loss challenge

Competing for a prize

Who does not like to win a prize? Or to be recognized for his/her effort and congratulated for? Yes, there is hardly a person on this planet that would not like to become a proud receiver of a prize for his/her effort in any aspect in his/her life. And when weight loss is the goal, we believe that everyone would go an extra mile to win that prize and get recognized as the best while they are trying to eliminate unhealthy habits, lose weight, and get physically more attractive in the process. The office is the perfect place to hold a weight loss challenge since competition naturally exists in this place (2).

Discuss with your coworkers on introducing a prize as a part of your office weight loss challenge. If it is the company itself that is creating the challenge, then it is most likely that they will be the ones that will deliver this prize themselves. Otherwise, you and your coworkers can discuss the opportunity to chip in so enough money is raised that can later be given as a prize. It can be a money prize, or you can use the money to buy the prize such as a bicycle, a trip for two, a gym membership, etc.

Creating an office step challenge

Walking is one of the most effective weight loss methods. In fact, walking is proven to be beneficial for maintaining our health at an ultimate level. It is recommended that each and every person makes at least around 10,000 steps each day for a strong heart, lungs, and a healthy brain. So why not incorporate walking in your office weight loss challenge?

Since you are already spending around 8 to 9 hours of sitting behind your desk, there is no reason why you would continue to sit after you get back from work. Instead, you should be motivated to move around and accomplish your daily step challenge.

Discuss the possibility of creating a daily step challenge in your office (3). Every day, you can compare the results between coworkers and congratulate the one that has made the best results possible the previous day. Remember, each step brings you closer to more calories being burned, and the prize of the office weight loss challenge itself.

Healthy foods only allowed a challenge

One of the most common mistakes that we all make is saying yes to unhealthy snacks and meals that we have decided to bring with us in the office. Deciding to lean on to chips, salads with fatty salad dressings, fries, burgers, and what not during those long hours at the office is what keeps us further and further away from our goal weight.

As a part of the weight loss challenge at your office, you and your coworkers can make a deal that will allow you to only bring a healthy snack and meal options and nothing but that. Bringing in homemade snacks and meals will not only help you to save money, but it will also satisfy your hunger better by introducing healthy calorie sources only. Anyone who brings anything that does not resemble a healthy snack or meal option will fail the challenge.

One mile a day challenge

Perhaps 10,000 steps is a lot to ask all in once, so why not start with the average 2,000 and 3,000 steps which are made by an individual walking one mile. Instead of keeping behind your desk, why not take part in the challenge that would require you to walk at least one mile around the office.

We bet that you will find things to do just to get up from your chair and walk that one mile a day. Not only does this one mile bring you closer to weight loss, but it also brings you closer to completing the weight loss challenge, winning that prize, and most importantly preserving your good health.

A coworkers fitness class challenge

Think of this as a great team building exercise, but also a great physical exercise for all of you. Working out with people that are close to you are considered to provide even better results (4). So why not search for a fitness center or a gym that will provide a chance for you and all of your coworkers to participate in a fitness class or a gym session.

You can work on creating a fitness class challenge that would require your regular presence at the class and full-on beast mode to take part in the exercises that will follow. You can also weigh yourself at the end of each week and compare your results. That will motivate you, even more, to continue with the good effort in your classes.

Daily yoga office class challenge

With all of the stress that is happening on a daily level in the office, we all need a great relaxation method such as yoga and meditation. What you perhaps did not know is that yoga has been proven to help you lose weight, improve your concentration, memory, mood, and cleanse your whole body (5).

So here is one great idea to add to your office weight loss challenge. How about you all use half of your lunch break to do some yoga and nicely stretch out your body? You will feel refreshed, ready for work, and most importantly, you will have burned those extra calories so you can now use your new energy to go through the rest of the workday.

No elevators allowed challenge

Be honest – how often do you take the stairs? Do not be ashamed if your answer is very few times. The truth is that there are very few people that tend to use the stairs rather than the elevator. So why not use that and turn it into an office challenge?

Challenge yourself and your coworkers to avoid the elevator at the office completely. Always take the stairs, no matter how long it takes you. It might be hard at the beginning, but we are sure that you will learn to love it later. The first one that fails to take the stairs and ends up in the elevator fails the whole challenge as well.

No cars, bicycles or by foot to work only challenge

How do you get to work? Do you drive your car, call an Uber or a taxi, or perhaps take the bus? Have you ever walked to and back from work by foot? Once again, it is okay if the answer is no. Perhaps you can make an office challenge where all of you are required to walk by foot instead of taking the usual transportation.

Okay, to be reasonable, this challenge is only possible if you and your coworkers do not live ridiculously far away from the office. Anything that is up to 30 minutes walking is okay; after all, we do not want you to be super exhausted and have no energy whatsoever when you get to work. Falling asleep at work is not an option, and this weight loss challenge should not put your work at risk.

Eight glasses of water a day challenge

Drinking enough water throughout the day is considered not only healthy, and a recommended way to hydrate your body all day long, but it also may help you lose weight. Or what it actually does is reducing your calorie intake. According to numerous studies, drinking fresh water before your meals can help you intake fewer calories, and with that, help you lose weight. But how often do you remember to drink the recommended eight glasses of water (6)?

Challenge yourself to drink at least eight glasses of water each day during the time that you spend at work. Keep a record of your daily water intake, compare your results at the end of the workday and become a potential prize winner with each day passed. You will love the wondrous effects that drinking enough fresh water has on your body.

Weekend running marathons challenge

Just because you are not spending the weekend at the office that does not mean that your office weight loss challenge should be put on hold. The weekend is not your opportunity to cheat on your workouts and meal plans. Instead, you can discuss it with your coworkers to incorporate the weekends as a part of your weight loss challenge.

How about participating in weekend running marathons along with your coworkers? You can choose the starting and ending point together, and even enjoy a laugh or two while you are running alongside your competitors. If you are not a fan of running, this is the chance to change that for sure!


In conclusion, there are some very fun and engaging ideas that you can use as a part of your office weight loss challenge. Keeping a record of your steps, water intake, physical activity, participating in a yoga class or a gym session along with your coworkers or running a marathon every weekend are all interesting ideas that we recommend you to look into. You and your coworkers can improve your communication, relationship, and walk the hard path towards a healthy weight loss together.


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