What Are the Best Exercises to Combine with the Use of Phentermine?

by Dr. Ahmed Zayed
Published on May 13, 2024
best exercise while on phentermine

Aiming to shed some weight and curious about top-notch diet solutions like Phentermine? You’ve struck gold! Shedding those extra pounds might not always feel like a breeze or a blast, but by making smart choices like using Phentermine, committing to consistent workouts, and following a solid meal plan, incredible outcomes are absolutely achievable.

Results, that will, for sure, make a difference in your life regarding your health, self-confidence and body image. But you have to understand that the equation for weight loss includes these three compounds – regular exercise, diet, and Phentermine, or it will not work otherwise. In today’s article, we will discuss the use of Phentermine and focus on the importance of regular exercise as a part of the weight loss experience with Phentermine.

What is Phentermine?

Sold under various brand names, Phentermine is declared to be the best weight loss supplement in the United States. Available only with a doctor’s prescription, Phentermine is used in most cases of overweight and obesity to help these patients lose weight effectively and improve their general health (1). Phentermine is a quality appetite suppressor and an energy booster.

Using Phentermine, you will no longer have to deal with hunger, binge eating, and low energy levels that permit. It will become easier to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise on a regular level. Phentermine is meant to be used only on a short-term basis, around 12 weeks at most.

However, during the period of treatment with Phentermine, losing weight is guaranteed. But Phentermine is not a magic pill, you see. To ensure your weight loss experience, doctors recommend choosing a healthy diet plan and a proper exercise routine to enhance the effects of Phentermine, lose weight efficiently and reduce the risk from gaining back the lost weight ever again.

Is it safe to use Phentermine?

Phentermine is not only approved and recommended by doctors, but it has also been approved by the FDA. Being approved by the FDA, that guarantees Phentermine of being safe to be used as it is the case. Phentermine is considered safe to be used when the recommended and prescribed dosages are respected. However, unfortunately, there are cases in which patients experience side-effects, although rare.

The side-effects can be triggered by numerous factors, with disrespecting the recommended dosage being the most common one. Usually, patients report experiencing dry mouth, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, tremors, etc (2). We recommend to all of the Phentermine users out there to report any side-effect to their physician. Although it might not be anything too serious, it is always a good idea to get that side-effect checked out.

The health benefits of regular exercise

We all have heard our doctors reminding us of the importance of regular exercise. Even though many people rely on regular exercise as a method to lose weight, there are other health benefits that should never be forgotten. Improving the function of the high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and heart attack, depression, sleep problems and many others that are worth mentioning (3).

The fact that exercise has numerous beneficial effects on both our physical and mental health cannot be denied. So if you are interested in improving your physical and mental health, reducing the risks of the most common health issues and improve your body image, then we encourage you to approach regular exercising.

The importance of exercise while using Phentermine

Exercising is especially important while using Phentermine. In fact, patients who have been using Phentermine while exercising at the same time have experienced greater weight loss results as compared to those who did not follow a diet plan nor do they exercised regularly. And there is really no need to mention again all of the previously discussed health benefits that you will be gaining apart from losing weight. Use the energy booster that Phentermine provides you with and get on your feet to finish your exercising plan for the day!

As we mentioned earlier, Phentermine is not a magic pill – it can only help so much, but you, as well, will have to do more than simply remember to take your Phentermine pill every day. Finding a quality diet plan and choosing an exercise routine will enhance the whole experience and you will be satisfied with yourself and the way that you look in no time, not to mention all of the health benefits that you will be gaining in the process.

The best exercises to perform while using Phentermine

If you are new to exercising, like every one of us has been at some point in our lives, you know that choosing the right exercise plan can be quite overwhelming. There are literally thousands of different exercise routines and plans, specially designed for losing weight or building muscle mass and gaining muscle strength or both at once. So which exercise routine should you choose while using Phentermine?

Of course, any physical activity really will have a positive impact on your health and your weight loss process while using Phentermine at the same time. However, there are some exercises which are considered to be a lot more helpful in that process as compared to others. This is especially vital to know for those of you who choose to exercise at home and not at the gym.

When you are at the gym, you get to consult a professional trainer who will be more than happy to share his/her professional opinion on the matter and recommend an exercise plan according to your needs. But when you are at home, you rely only on yourself and the research that you have made using books, the internet and perhaps your doctor’s opinion. To make this process a lot simpler for you, in the following we will share what in our opinion are the most beneficial and helpful exercises to perform while using Phentermine at the same time.

Cardiovascular exercises – Cardiovascular exercises, or better known as cardio exercises, are a vast majority of exercises that are specially designed to raise your heartbeat to at least 50% of the maximum rate by engaging a large group of muscles. And according to a study published in 2014, cardiovascular exercises are the best choice to combine with the effects of Phentermine (4). Cardio exercises can be performed both at the gym or at home, and most of them do not require using any special equipment which makes them the perfect choice of exercises to do at home that will save you money and time.

Exercise tips and tricks while using Phentermine

Cardio exercises guarantee not only an effective weight loss but also, a build-up of strong, lean muscles, an enhanced cardiovascular and respiratory function and a great rush of endorphins as you finish your exercising plan for the day! Let’s look into some of the best cardiovascular exercises that you can perform. Cardio exercises will also help you reduce any hypertension problems, high cholesterol levels, strengthen your heart, increase your bone mass, strengthen your immune system and improve your sleep apart from the other health benefits that come with cardiovascular training.

  • Walking – If the weather is nice and warm, use the opportunity to walk at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, breathing fresh air and getting your heart rate to rise. Of course, we would recommend a faster than normal walking speed to really get your cardio for the day!
  • Running – Running is yet another great way to get your heart pumping blood and those calories burning up. Running is perhaps the most beneficial cardio exercise that does not require any equipment to be used. It may help ensure that all of the large muscle groups are involved in the process and with that, burn more calories than ever.
  • Cycling – Get your bike out of the basement and enjoy the nice weather outside. Whether you will use your bike recreationally or you will use it to get to work or the supermarket or to your friend’s house instead of getting a taxi or the bus, use this fun opportunity to exercise your body and burn calories.
  • Swimming – Visit the local pool and get to swimming because this is yet another great exercise that involves every single muscle, ensuring you that you will be on the fast track to lose weight. Make sure that you practice swimming at least two-three times a week to ensure great results and in the meantime, including some of the other cardio exercises that we shared with you!
  • Stair climbing – If you have stairs at your house or your apartment building, you can perform this great cardio exercise. Stair climbing activates more muscles than regular walking, and that is why you should use this quite simple yet effective exercise to burn as many calories as you can!
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – If you want to focus on a workout routine that includes exercises which will engage every body part, burning calories and building up muscles at the same time, we recommend choosing one of the many High-Intensity Interval Training programs. This exercise program involves short intervals of high intensity which are followed by short rest periods. It is known to be among the best workout routines for losing weight and forming a nice-looking body out there. Exercises which are most commonly a part of the HIIT are squats, mountain climbers, lunges, burpees, planks, and many other popular exercises.


There is a reason why Phentermine is the most popular weight loss drug, approved and prescribed by doctors and the FDA, or should we say millions of reasons as much as there are happy users of Phentermine. Yes, this truly is the answer that many obese and overweight patients have been looking for. But Phentermine is meant to be used along with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise. And that is exactly what we focused on today! For ultimate weight loss results, the beneficial effects of Phentermine should always be combined with those of regular exercise. But which exercises should you focus on exactly?

In today’s article, we have had the honor to talk about the numerous beneficial effects of the cardiovascular training and its many variations that you can use to ensure your weight loss. These exercises will get your heart raising, fasten your breathing, sweating and most importantly, burning more calories than you can with any other workout routine. Do not make the mistake of skipping daily exercise and help Phentermine to deliver the results that it promises you faster than you ever imagined!

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