Megan Fox and The 5 Factor Diet

Megan Fox started out as a teen model but achieved worldwide success and fame after her appearance in the Michael Bay Transformers movies. After breaking out in Hollywood, she has graced Maxim and FHMs Sexiest Women in the World List. She has been widely considered as one of the first true sex symbols of the […]

15 Best Foods for Better Workout Results, According to Science

Not all foods are created equal. Not to say that some foods are better than others. Some have a higher nutritional value than others, some are just better at achieving specific goals. All of the food in this list are delicious and flexible to be used in many recipes so that you won’t get tired […]

Top 10 Safe Supplements You Can Take to Augment Your Training

There are so many safe supplements for training available in the US today. Unfortunately, many supplements may carry with them undesired side effects. Some have warnings but others don’t. This is largely because, in many countries, supplements are not as heavily regulated as medicine. This is the reason why many supplements were advertised as having […]

How to Make Working Out a Daily Routine

The trouble with attempting to make exercise a habit, as we’ve all experienced, is that you normally try to exercise three or four times each week… As a result, forming a new workout habit is challenging. The rationale for this is that a consistent action is more likely to become a habit. In order to […]

Must Try Diet and Exercises for Menopausal Women

Losing Weight During Menopause (and Keep It Off) Losing Weight during and after menopause can be difficult. Hormone fluctuations, stress, and aging can all be detrimental. During this time, you can take several steps to help you lose weight. Menopause is defined as a period of 12 months without a menstrual cycle. Weight loss may […]

Best Workouts That Can Tone Your Thighs And Legs

You’ve never seen such lunges. It’s hard not to imagine someone squeezing on a Thigh Master when you think about working your inner thighs. There are plenty of other inner-thigh exercises you can do to strengthen and sculpt your upper legs. These muscles help you move your legs inward after a side lunge, support you […]

8 Ways To Deal With Muscle Soreness From Exercise

“You get this extremely high degree of force generation in the muscles, so you have a false impression of how much training you can keep doing because you haven’t exhausted that much,” says exercise physiologist Joel Seedman, PhD, owner of Advanced Human Performance in Atlanta. As a result, knowing when you’ve gone too far might […]

How Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health and Well-Being

It is a known fact that exercise works as good for your brain as it does for your body (1). That said, exercise offers numerous benefits to your mental health and well-being, stimulating the chemicals in your brain to improve your mood, memory, and learning (2). Exercise is not only about improving your physique or […]