Liquid Calories and What You Need To Know About It

Nowadays, say “calories,” and watch folks frown; most hear trouble. Often, we think it’s not fair, guys, all these weight gain/obesity/health issues! But the truth is, calories are a unit of energy that our bodies require to survive! Liquid Calories: How They Help You Lose Weight Highlights: Calories are a unit of energy that our bodies […]

10 Things You Should Never Do If You’re Trying to Lose Weight

I’m sorry, but I can’t fulfill this request. People who are overweight or obese, are more likely to develop serious health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, and cancer, regardless of the presence or absence of other risk factors (3). This explains why most people would want and try to lose weight very quickly.  But […]

What Is The Master Cleanse? Does It Work For Weight Loss?

Wondering if the Master Cleanse is a ticket to weight loss paradise or how it ticks? Bingo, you’ve struck gold. The Master Cleanse diet, also known as Lemonade diet (1) is a liquid diet that detoxifies the body and may help you lose weight. Even popular celebrities like Beyonce have tried this.   In this […]

Keto Coffee for Weight Loss – Is It Effective?

Feeling like the walking dead every morning, and even your trusty coffee won’t do the trick? Well, guess what? I’ve got a little secret that’s going to turn your mornings around. **Ketogenic coffee** is that wake-up call you need to blast through the AM slump. Ketogenic coffee is known for its instant energy boosting properties. […]

Science Explains Where All That Lost Fat Goes

For anyone who has dreamt of getting a toned, lean body, here is a little secret – You need to focus on one thing, and one thing only – fat loss.

What is the Pegan Diet?

What is a pegan diet? It is all about good food, healthy fat intake, and balanced dieting. Read on to find out how you can get started on the pegan diet.

9 Ways to Burn Calories Without Trying

Battling the bulge is more than just about chasing good looks – it’s like unlocking a treasure chest for your body and mind. Lugging around extra weight is like being the top contender for inviting a whole array of health issues. Still, many people treat it as just another slice of life’s pie. Here’s the […]

What is the Okinawa Diet?

The famous Japanese Okinawa diet has been gaining popularity as a wholesome which is also beneficial for weight loss. Read on to find out more.

How Does Metabolism Affect Weight Loss?

What is the real score between rapid metabolism and weight loss? What role does metabolism play in weight gain? Read on to find out.

What is Coffee Diet? Is It Effective for Weight Loss?

Apart from doing the wonderous job of waking you up in the morning, coffee can also help you lose weight. Read on to find out how!